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Lesbianism and Queer Female Sexuality in Ancient Greece
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18 Awesome Lesbian Movies Where No One Dies at the End
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Cosmopolitan Lesbian Society: Smart & Sophisticated (New
Because lesbians were operating within a culture that viewed homosexuality as a form of mental disorder and a threat to the well-being of American society, their social, legal, and economic concerns—like those of their male counterparts—were believed better kept private. Slowly that idea began to be challenged.

10 Awesome Films That Feature Lesbian/Bi Women of Color
#HindiShortFilm2019 #BollywoodShortFilm2019 #HighSocietyParty #RainaBassnet High Society Party in which throws light on dark side of the society where values

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Charlotte Cushman and Matilda Hays, 1850s Jonathan Stone for Art-Sheep Photographic records from the late Victorian/early Edwardian era show the amorous relationships that would often be developed between two women. Popular amongst the higher class, women would often cross-dress and accompany their lady friends in public. These practices were known to be a form of […]

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Crossdresser Society is your online “ One of a kind “ community site for everyone who is a Crossdressser, knows a crossdresser, or is deeply in touch with their feminine side! Crossdresser Society was founded by Marcy Simpson, a lifelong crossdresser. Crossdresser Society is your online retreat to help you realize all your crossdressing desires and dreams!

Lesbians and the Third Reich | The Holocaust Encyclopedia private society lesbian
The Cosmopolitan Lesbian Society is a Society of Leaders; whether CEOs, entrepreneurs, and businesswomen, or scientists, PhDs and doctors, we strive to challenge, sharpen, and inspire one another. We invite you to revel and luxuriate in, to be motivated and moved by, the company of lovely lesbians in our elegant and chic settings.

Crossdreser Society | An Online Resource for Crossdressers
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