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banana vagina
The vagina is a very “elastic” organ, says Christine O’Connor, MD, director of adolescent gynecology and well women care at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. It is small enough to hold a

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banana vagina
Another penis-vagina fit issue has to do with a womans age. In your 20s, 30s, and 40s, your estrogen levels are naturally high, which keeps vaginal tissue supple. That makes the vagina pretty

Is it safe to put food in your vagina? — My Vagina

The “banana” emoji, a peeled banana used in a similar manner to the aubergine – was even less popular with barely 11,000 uses. Notably, when examining the breakdown of how each gender uses these particular emojis, women are the clear majority of users for all except one. Interestingly, 57.7% of aubergine mentions over the time period

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banana vagina
Hi I knew its a bad idea beforehand, but earlier it was like I did without thinking, and I guess Im just still worried that I didnt do enough after to prevent anything bad So basically, bit embarrasing to admit, but I inserted an peeled banana into my vagina. at the most, for like 5-10 seconds and my brain woke up again and I managed to scare myself with the possiblities of bacterial

Tips for Organic Masturbation (i.e. How to Have Sex With

But in the vagina, using a veggie once is safe enough. I wouldnt peel said veggie though before use. And avoid bananas, as theyre sweet and sugar can cause yeast infections up there. The bonus

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